Wingate’s Art Complex

Staff Writer: K. Conner     

     The wind adds an extra chill to an already cold day as students begin their trek to Wingate University’s newest academic building, the Art Complex.

     It takes a rough 11 minutes to reach the Art Complex when traveling on foot from the center of campus, nothing too exhausting, except for when the trip has to be made in the 10 minutes or less that students have to scoop up their backpacks and hurry to their next class.

     All things considered, students in this type of situation are expected to make it to their art classes late and out of breathe.

     Not to mention instances of rough weather like last week’s intense rainstorms that had students running through ankle deep puddles, only to slide into a graphics lab soaking wet.

     This begs the question, how does Wingate feel about this new addition? 

     Senior Gabrielle Slabaugh’s main complaint was a mere lack of defined parking. She suggested the possible addition of a new parking lot, across the street possibly. Currently, students are directed to park in front of the complex, in the parking lot of the neighboring dormitory, or in front of the service center.

     There is the issue, however, of cars being parked too close to the service center’s loading dock. All of this parking information can be found on parking notices posted in the main doorway of the Art Complex.

     The other main issue with the complex is its distance from the rest of the campus.

     Junior Alina L. Siler said “The Art Complex is far from the Hinson museum which doesn’t make sense if they’re both part of the art department.” Siler also suggested the possibility of adding security to the building in order to protect the equipment inside.

     It isn’t all complaints, though, the Art Complex also receives some heavy handed compliments.

     Siler commented on the  complex’s ‘spacious classrooms’ and ‘up to date technology’ while Slabaugh mentioned that she enjoyed that art classes had a building of their own.

     When asked how she felt about the new Art Complex, Dr. Louise Napier said, “The Visual Art Complex has been carefully planned and constructed with appropriate lighting and excellent space for both 2-d and 3-d art studies. In my long career as an art professor at Wingate, I am pleased to have an art building totally dedicated to visual arts and art activities.”

     With all perspectives considered, the walk may just be worth the art.

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