Student Videographer Brings Wingate Student-Athletes into Spotlight

By: Jared Overstreet, Staff Writer 


Photo Credit:  Bailey Goforth

Wingate University’s athletic program has grown rapidly over the past few years.  Wingate University’s athletic videographer, Julian Irigoyen, helps make sure that the sports teams are getting the attention they deserve.

“My job is to create video content that promotes Wingate Athletics”, said Irigoyen, who leads a team with two other videographers, who are current and former athletes of Wingate University.   

Being a student-athlete himself — a cross country runner — Irigoyen goes above and beyond to create videos for the students at Wingate. Whenever Irigoyen has time in between class, practice, and studying, he edits and records video content.

Irigoyen, a junior from Bakersfield, Calif., explains having an inspiration to work makes a job feel less like a job.  “I have always enjoyed creating videos and I was inspired when it was recognizable that Wingate University was lacking video content displaying the level of athleticism at a Division II program.”

Ever since he came up with the idea, all the sports team at Wingate have been given more spotlight.  Social Media websites like Twitter and Instagram are very popular around the world and Irigoyen’s videos are perfect for that.  His footage gets uploaded constantly to social media accounts for Wingate Athletics and the views are only increasing.

“Being able to do what I love while getting to watch every team on campus is my favorite part of the job.”

Edited By: Rachael Robinson

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