Drama Society Seeks New Members and Involvement

New organization on campus seeks members for upcoming productions in the fall and spring. 

Rachael Robinson, Staff Writer

Harrison Taylor, President of the newly formed Wingate Drama Society, was faced with a challenging question; Where are the artists on campus?

This question was being asked by Dr. Barbara Pann, a Communications Professor here at Wingate University and the Wingate Drama Society Faculty Advisor. The answer was as complicated as the question itself. Dr. Pann explains, “There are artists here, but sometimes we have to seek them out.”

The Wingate Drama Society is Wingate’s newest way of “seeking.”

Wingate Drama Society (WDS) is open to everyone, not only those who want to perform. The Drama Society is open to those who are interested in the “backstage” roles. Dr. Pann knows, “Performers are willing to adapt and do what they have to, but we have room for others who want to help.”  Backstage opportunities would include students interested in publication, costumes, stage management, and set building, just to name a few.

Harrison has already seen growth in the program.  The club currently has 41 members on their WUSync page. Harrison describes his excitement about this growth, “It’s crazy to me, that we even have as many as we do because last spring when we had our first interest meeting it was 7 people including myself.”

Dr. Pann describes the effect that being involved in a theatre program can have on an individual. Students involved in theatre have the opportunity to gain workplace and life skills such as: creative problem solving, motivation, time budgeting, confidence, and presence in an environment outside of the classroom.

Dr. Pann also sees involvement as a way to help students make connections here on campus, “As we become a more screen oriented society, it becomes more difficult for a student to walk up to an office door and introduce themselves. I think these performance exercises are going to help with those interactive skills.”

Currently the Drama Society has two major programs planned for the year, a theatre showcase in the fall and a play, Almost Maine, in the spring. The Showcase will be held in the Recital Hall on November 21st.

This showcase follows the theme of “Contemporary Theatre” which includes anything written between 1990 and now. With this theme, Harrison hopes to show the audience that theatre is not just something that “you have to go see, get signed off, and then go home.”  Auditions for Almost Maine will be held in early November and are open to anyone on campus who is interested.

Wingate Drama Society is open to everyone on campus who is interested. The meetings are held in Hayes Room 202 at 5 pm on every other Wednesday. New members can still join until October 5th; dues are $10. Harrison gives advices to those who are on the fence about joining, “Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you can’t. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You may be surprised.”

Edited by: Sara Gunter




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