Student events during COVID-19

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname Many Wingate Student Organizations on campus are having to change what they do on a normal schedule due to COVID-19. Since the pandemic, Wingate University has taken the proper measures to keep its students safe by installing new policies on its campus which include social distancing and limited room capacity.  Although... Continue Reading →

Moving Lyceums from in-person to online

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs Lyceums are a graduation requirement for students at Wingate University. They consist of four different categories: Art, Faith, Growth, and Lecture. Students have 24 Lyceums to complete which is broken down by four in each category plus an additional eight of the students’ choice.    Normally Lyceums would be treated like an event where students must sign up for a reservation and show their student ID to receive credit for attending.... Continue Reading →

Tenet Review: A Welcome Back to the Movies

Staff Writer: David McCallister Releasing a movie during a pandemic creates significant challenges. Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan, is the first blockbuster to push the return to movie theaters. Having acclaimed films like the Dark Knight Trilogy and more recent movies like Dunkirk, Nolan’s latest endeavor tried to captivate audiences, but has been released to... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter Protest on campus

Staff Writer: Jarren Cottingham WINGATE-- Wingate student-athletes organized a peaceful protest to raise awareness to the recent social injustice and police brutality towards the black community.  Tension between the African American community and the police force is high at this point in time. Throughout 2020, the many police killings and brutality towards blacks has caused an uproar... Continue Reading →

Online classes – The new reality

Staff Writer: LaVonda Briggs Online school has become the new norm for many students across the country. At Wingate University, students transitioned online during the spring semester, but assumed it would only be for a few weeks. Now the fall semester has begun, and they are still online.   Remote learning is a big change and... Continue Reading →

New policies for Wingate students

Staff Writer: Amy Cenname The 2020-2021 school year for Wingate Students has looked very different compared to the past school years due to COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, Wingate University has taken the proper measurements to keep its students, faculty, and staff safe by installing new policies on its campus. Although some students are returning... Continue Reading →

The “Food Hall” updates, good or bad?

Staff Writer: Michael Martin Over the summer at Wingate University many things have changed, and things will continue to change throughout the semester. One of the largest changes is the food options here on campus.  Last year was a rough year for Wingate and Aramark, the former food provider. There were many complaints about food... Continue Reading →

Awareness of police brutality increases

Staff Writer: Kendrick Tucker There is no secret that the current state of the world is under great distress. Aside from the pandemic sweeping everyone by surprise, a civil problem captured several eyes and ears as well.  Police brutality.   It’s something that many may shy away from calling it a touchy subject resulting In... Continue Reading →

Mulan Review: A Film Worth Waiting For

Staff Writer: David McCallister Throughout the unpredictable year, the film industry has been hit extremely hard. Countless delays, film festival cancellations and releasing movies on Video on Demand "VOD”, or streaming services rather than in theaters has caused tentpole films to take risks.  Disney’s Mulan is one of these risks. Mulan is one of the most anticipated... Continue Reading →

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