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Pushing New Boundaries at Wingate University

Savanna Harris, Staff Writer

The start of your college journey can come across as daunting. In most cases, everything is new. New city, new people, the list goes on.

From moving into a space filled with unfamiliar faces to hoping that you don’t walk into the wrong room on your first day of classes, it can all seem rather intimidating.

No one knows this to be true more than the 933 new members of the freshman class of 2022 here at Wingate. With orientation long over and classes beginning more than two weeks ago now, they have gotten a firsthand look at college life.

Freshmen Kayden Wilson and Hailey McCarty were both eager to share their thoughts.

Overall, the general consensus seemed to be that, so far, college is great but definitely a far cry from high school.

According to Hailey, “It’s very… different from the life that I am used to. I’ve never had this amount of freedom before. There’s definitely been a learning curve as I’ve figured things out.”

On the other hand, Kayden went as far as to say, “Honestly, college, in my opinion, is amazing. Personally, I thought I would end up being homesick, but I took Ruth’s (one of the Orientation leaders) advice when she said to get involved and have loved every second on this campus!”

Getting involved in your new community can be one of the best ways to become more connected to it. Along with potentially opening up new opportunities, it allows for the chance to connect with people on an individual level.

“I am a part of the Common Ground worship ministry here on campus, as a singer,” Hailey said. “It’s been really cool meeting other people who are into the same things that I am through that program. I’m also thinking about joining the Psychology Club, but I haven’t fully decided yet.”

Another way to meet new people, although this one isn’t quite so voluntary, is living in a dorm for the first time. Hailey and Kayden are thankfully enjoying their new living situations.

Kayden said, “I love my roomies and my suitemates across the hall! We have an open door policy and it makes me feel a lot closer with them.” It remains true that living in that close of quarters with people can cause friendships to form extremely quickly.

All in all, let’s face it, being a freshman can be scary. But, despite occasional homesickness or a particularly stressful class or assignment, college is the adventure of a lifetime. It may not seem like it at times, but running through a downpour to make your 8 a.m. will be worth it in the end. There might even be time for the occasional Netflix binge, too.

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Wingate’s Graduation season marks the beginning and end for many students

I’Dajha Harris, Staff Writer

To many at this time, May is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one, for graduation season is upon us.

Wingate University will be having two Commencements. The first one is for the graduate/professional school graduates which will be held at 6 p.m. Friday. The  undergraduate graduation will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday. Both ceremonies will be held outside on the Academic Quad.

Options for those who are unable to attend include a live feed of the graduation. The link is on the Wingate University commencement page under the hyperlink: livestream. If weather conditions are poor, the graduation will be held in Cuddy Arena. 

The speaker for the graduate class will be Dr. Maria Pharr, president of South Piedmont Community College, who has worked with a vast number of other community colleges such as Pitt Community College in Greenville, both in admissions and as a faculty member and administrator. 

Stein, the state’s 50th Attorney General, sponsored the 2013 School Safety Act as a N.C. state senator.

The Baccalaureate service will be at 11 a.m. Friday in the McGee Theater. Speaker will be Rev. Amy Jacks Dean, co-pastor alongside her husband, Russ Dean, at the Park Road Baptist Church in Charlotte. It will follow a Farewell Celebration from 9:30 to 10:45 on the Batte Center lawn. 

With the graduation season rapidly approaching, so is the joy of the many graduates reaching their last leg of the semester. They are ending one chapter and opening a brand new one once the commencement comes to an end.

Wanting to get an insight from a graduating student, Amanda Alling offered an interview about her thoughts on graduation! “I am so excited to graduate! I have loved my four years at Wingate, and have made so many great memories, met so many amazing people and have learned so much. I have excelled not only just in the classroom but in my personal and professional life as well. I will always be grateful to Wingate for making me who I am today.” Alling expressed in our email interview.

amanda alling

Her parents, brother and his girlfriend will be coming from New Jersey to celebrate her big day along with her closest friends being in the audience and cheering her on. After graduation, Alling mentioned her upcoming pursuits for the next chapter of her life. “After graduation, I will be pursuing my MBA in either Marketing or Data Analytics. I am excited for this next step in my life, as well as putting to use everything my Communications major and minors have taught me. I can’t wait!”

Her excitement was prevalent and shined through in her all of her responses. Her time at Wingate University was well worth it for her and helped her reach the goals that was needed for her future

So, with that, she left the upcoming graduate classes with some words of encouragement. “Take every single opportunity presented to you. Whether it be a class excursion to Charlotte, or attending those extra study sessions. There are so many transferable skills you will gain from stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing everything that this Wingate life has to offer you.”

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Artist B.o.B performs for Wingate’s Springate 2018 concert

Sarah Thurman, Staff Writer

Over 100 students gathered in Cuddy Arena on Friday, April 27 to celebrate the last event on the SprinGgate 2018 schedule, with a concert from the famous artist B.o.B.

Springate 2018 was a week full of events to close out the end of the year and to allow students to let loose one more time before finals begin the next week.

The concert doors were set to open at 8, but B.o.B was running late and therefore the concert got pushed back. So the doors opened at 9 pm. By then, the line had already reached to the back of Burris.

However, by 9pm the lines moved quick, and soon enough we were all inside. Junior, Cameron Walser, DJ’d until B.o.B appeared. He played a mix of popular songs from the early 2000s to now, which got students singing and dancing along.  

Walser played for about an hour and a half and then the lights changed and B.o.B’s DJ came on stage to hype up the crowd. Once, B.o.B appeared, the whole tone of the gym shifted, as the students electrified with excitement.

B.o.B was very active with the audience, jumping in and out of the crowd, crowd surfing, throwing shirts, using students phones to take videos and pictures, and even brung some students on stage.

He pulled four girls from the crowd and had them come on the stage to dance with him. After the girls were off the stage, he went back to performing some of his well-known collaborative songs.

There were many times where he would jump over the bars and run into the crowd. When he did, he would dance with the students in the crowd to give the whole concert a very personal experience.

He ended the concert by running off stage, but the audience began to chant “B.o.B!” and he came back out performing his most popular song “Airplanes.” After he performed his final encore, he jumped off stage and began to give students his signatures and take pictures. 

Photo Credit: Sarah Thurman Rapper B.o.B autographs a student’s ticket at the SpringGate concert in Cuddy Arena.”

Nani Shaw, a freshman student was first in line at the concert, she arrived at 8 pm and was able to get very close to the stage. When asked about the concert she said, “I was pretty excited! After the concert I was tired, and I lost my voice.”

Once the concert was over, the crowd cleared Cuddy, and went on with the rest of their night. Overall the concert was a great way to wrap up Spiringate and fun way to start studying for next week’s upcoming finals.

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Leo club looks towards the future as the club continues to grow

Shane Rich, Staff Writer

 Since the fall of 2016, the Leo club has been continuing its growth at Wingate and looks towards the upcoming changes and growth opportunities that are coming into the near future.The Leo club is an organization that looks to educate the student body about the visually impaired. It is also a community service organization.

“It’s a mixture of service and educating ourselves and the campus about those topics. We have monthly meetings to discuss how we can impact our community with our projects. Coming up, we have a Roadside cleanup day on April 21st.” Senior Leah Joyner said.

The club has made strides in their successful community projects and have worked closely with clubs such as the Lion Club in recent time.

The group is very active and continuing to grow. There is still much planned for the club in the future too. “We have not begun planning for the fall yet, but will definitely have the letters to Soldiers event where students can write letters to Soldiers for Christmas. We may also do reading buddy services for the Wingate Elementary School as well as other visual- awareness related projects.” President Gabrielle Slabaugh said.

Joyner and Slabaugh also discussed their favorite moments in the club this year. “I liked being a part of something bigger than myself by participating in a team to accomplish common objectives. Out of the many events we have done with the Leo club, I enjoyed volunteering at the letters to soldier’s event last November. It was great way to interact with people who all wanted to write a thank you letter to a soldier and hear their stories.” Joyner said.

“My favorite event this calendar year was our Visual Olympics event where we hosted different challenges to spread awareness of various visual maladies. I believe there are pictures of that on our social media; if you can’t find them, let me know. Leo Club is focused on the same service areas that the international Lions Club is focused on, specifically community service through recycling and awareness of and aid to the blind.” Slabaugh said.

Even though the Leo Club is still a new organization, the impact the club is having on campus and in the community is continuing to grow.

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Opinion: “#WalkUpNotOut” hashtag points fingers at the wrong people

Sarah Thurman, Staff Writer

Instead of walking out of class, walk up to a student who is isolated and be nice to them. While this seems like a good idea at first, when it is looked deeper into it, this is victim blaming.

The entire point of the walk out was for students to take a stand as they feel that the Government is not doing their job of taking care of this situation. After the shooting on February 14th in Parkland, Florida, students have begun to demand better reform on gun laws and for people in control to stand up.

Instead of helping the students, people are choosing to call out students. Telling them to walk up instead of out is such a typical thing for today’s conservative Americans who like to ignore real everyday situations.

The youth of today is trying to stand for something they believe in and are asking for support from the American community only for them to be told that they are in the wrong.

It’s not unusual for people to try and change a movement to become inclusive to all. For example, “All lives matter!”, which was used to combat the “exclusive” political stand of “Black lives matter.”

They chose to ignore the problems at hand and make them into something that will bring less attention. Once students began to express that they were going to walk out and protest gun violence people on social media began to tell them how the idea was wrong. Telling students to walk up, not out began to spread on social media and soon enough everyone was posting about it trying to ignore the real problem at hand.

Is walking up going to show the government that we need reforms on guns or that the students are sick of being ignored and told they are too young to have opinions? Walking out is something that allows them to protest and make headlines.

Walking up is victim-blaming. Yes, it wouldn’t hurt kids to be nicer, but telling them that they are the cause of school shootings is wrong. Walking up is suggesting that the kids who have died in these shootings would have lived if they had been “nicer.”

This is also making kids across America feel more excluded and seemingly like an outcast even more. The logic of a walk up is telling students to walk up to the kids that they feel like would be the ones to bring a gun to school.

Imagine being one of those misjudged kids to get on social media and see that the kids only came up to you because they fear that you would kill them. This hashtag is telling students that it is their fault that school shootings are happening. This entire trend is taking away from the fact that the problem we face is an epidemic of gun violence and is placing the blame on students.

They act as if the entire problem of gun violence can be solved by just being nicer to people.

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‘No Matter The Letter, Greeks Do it Better!’: Greek Week Wraps Up

Tanya Crump, Staff Writer

This past week, all of the Greek organizations at Wingate University gathered together to celebrate Greek week. Greek week is an annual event on campus where the organizations get together and compete in events to win a trophy and a winning title.

The first events began Tuesday around 5pm. Organizations presented their tokens they crafted while dressing in 70’s themed clothing. These tokens made up of a album cover and record decorated by each organization. Chi Omega took the win for the Token making.

Shortly after, the next event took place, which was the cardboard boat races. Each organization had only 30 minutes to build a boat using just two pool noodles, Cardboard, and Duct Tape. Sadly, only 1 boat made it to the end.

Chi Omega had the fastest time and walked away with two wins. Wednesdays events was a Trivia match and the theme was 50’s attire. Chi Omega won with Pi Kappa Phi following behind them.

Thursday was many people’s favorite event, The annual Variety Show. Each organization was paired with another and they had to prepare 15 minutes of dancing under several guidelines.

tri sigma
Tri Sigma and Kappa Alpha Order getting ready to perform their Variety Show Routine

Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Omicron Pi came up with a catchy dance to some of their favorite songs from the decades. Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Phi wowed the crowd with some intense dance moves and a stunt that left the crowd going wild.

Lastly the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma and the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order performed a creative routine where they traveled through TV land dancing to all of their favorite television hits.  The results came in and Tri Sigma and Kappa Alpha Order took the win with their routine.

Fridays event was the Window Painting contest in front of Starbucks, The winners were Alpha Xi Delta, second Chi Omega, and third Alpha Omicron Pi.

chio winners
Chi Omega-Greek Week Champions

Finally, on Saturday all of the organizations gathered at Campus Lake to finish off with several minutes-to-win-it games. After the games, the Greek Week Champion was announced. This years’s winner was the sisters of Chi Omega!

These girls were so happy to win again! I asked senior, Mackenzie Ponds, memeber of Chi Omega, how she felt when they announced her chapter had won. She said “I was very proud and excited for our chapter. This was my third time winning in my four years on campus. It gets more exciting every year to find out who will win. We put in a lot of work for greek week and hearing that we won is always a great feeling”.

The organizations then took a special moment to recognize Diana Coyle for all of her hard work and sending her farewells after working with Wingate Greek Life for the past 8 years. Everyone gathered in a circle while the sisters of Chi Omega sang their farewell song “shades”, since Diana is a former Chi Omega.

I was able to get an interview with her and asked what she loved most about Greek Week and what she would miss most about Wingate Greek life Community. She said “This year’s closing ceremony for Greek Week will go down as one of my fondest memories.  Seeing the community all come together to celebrate as I prepare for my next big step in my career was bittersweet.  I will remember the laughs of the minute-to-win-it games and the enjoyment of free food from Two Chicks and a Truck, I will even recall the misty rain that was taking place during the event.  As a Chi Omega, having my sisters sing our special song, Shades, to me was the icing on the cake. As my final Greek Week at Wingate came to a close, I definitely realized it would be my favorite one to date.”

Diana said she would miss the family aspect of what Greek Life is, she came from a chapter with 100+ members so working with the small chapters here at Wingate helped to create a closer bond.

Diana gave some great advice, she says “As a sorority women, I continue to be amazed by what the connection of sorority life has offered me. Being able to build off that common life connection is magical, I love being able to share that network with collegiate women and the 80-year-old woman in the airport that is wearing her sorority letters.  I encourage all members to hold their membership close to their heart, and to be grateful for all it provides to you.”

I also had the opportunity to talk to several members from other organizations to get their favorite memories from Greek week. Overall everyone had a great time getting to know other organizations better than they did when the week started. This years Greek week, was one for the books!


“I think my favorite memory is the variety show, because it was so much fun dancing and learning the routines with everyone. I also love how we came together as a community here at Wingate.” – Mckelvey Stone (Kappa Alpha Order) Freshman.


“My favorite part of Greek Week is the spirit aspect! I loved being able to dress up in decades themes with all of my sisters. It was fun to see the creativeness of what people wore, and how they used our themes of the 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to show off their personal style and creativeness!” –Amanda Alling (Chi Omega) Senior.

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Wingate Seniors talk about life after graduation

Mariah Anderson, Staff Writer

As the spring semester comes to a close, Wingate seniors are looking forward to graduation and life outside of campus. Some will go on to graduate school, while others have found internships and jobs, and still others will make these decisions after graduating once coursework is behind them. We interviewed three graduating seniors to find out what their plans are and how their time at Wingate prepared them for life after graduation.

Marissa Vittorio is currently an Exercise Science major, a member of Tri-Sigma sorority, and program assistant of Employee Resources. Her wide involvement on campus at Wingate has prepared her for graduate school.marissavittorio

She has been accepted as a graduate assistant at Emory University to study Campus Recreation and is also waiting to hear back from Georgia State University’s Sports Administration Master’s program. Marissa says that she will miss the people at Wingate University: her friends, sorority, bosses, coworkers, and some professors.

Looking ahead to life after Wingate, Marissa said, “It’s scary to go from a set, protected schedule to do all these things on my own that I’ve never done before.” She also commented on the uncertainty of the future; even at this point in the semester, she is still waiting to hear back from different programs so that she can make concrete plans. In high school, we all knew where we were going after graduation by April; post-college plans are not as easy to decide on.

Kaitlyn Meyers, an Athletics Training major, is currently busy attending clinicals with the Wingate football team every day while also participating in the Athletics Training club. Next year, she will work as a graduate assistant at Georgia State University, where she will work as an athletic trainer while earning her Master’s degree in Sports Administration.

She is currently waiting on her results from the Board of Certification test, which will allow her to work independently as a certified athletic trainer. In addition to being nervous about her test results, she is also nervous about living on her own for the first time and finding an apartment. She says that what she will miss most about Wingate is the family atmosphere, since everybody knows everybody and it’s caring environment.

Dani Wolfe is also majoring in Athletics Training, and is a member of the Athletics Training club and the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority, and currently works with the football team. She does not currently have a job lined up, but she is waiting to hear back from a couple of Physical Therapy schools.

She hopes to be accepted to one and continue with her education as a physical therapist. If she is not accepted to a physical therapy program this year, then she plans to work as an athletic trainer. She is concerned that her post-graduation plans are not yet set in stone, but she knows that she has options available.

Looking back on her time at Wingate, Dani said, “I am not ready for these four years to be over. It’s crazy how fast they’ve gone by.” What Dani will miss most about Wingate is living with and seeing her best friends every day, the family dinners, endless laughs, athletic training clinicals, and the friends that have turned into family over the past four years.

Even though the seniors do not all know what the future holds, they all share four years of memories of their time at Wingate and will take what they have learned here to excel in their future jobs and studies. Good luck, graduating seniors! Thank you for making an impact on the university, and we wish you the best in whatever the future holds for you.

Edited by: Brea Childs