The Answer to Everything

Celestia Randolph, Staff Writer Duke University professor Michael Munger spoke to Wingate students about the likeliness of a near future wherein people enjoyed a “Sharing” and “Middle-Man” economy. The answer to his every question at the Tomorrow 3.0 lecture last Thursday evening was “transactions cost”.  A middleman economy, Munger explained, is “a system in which entrepreneurs sold reductions in transaction cost”. An example of such … Continue reading The Answer to Everything

‘Enrique’s Journey’ author speaks on immigration issues

Courtney Bailey – Staff Writer Welcoming refugees, reforming foreign policy, and extending a helping hand to those in need are only the beginning of award-winning author and journalist Sonia Nazario’s ideas for solving the hardships and horrors of immigration to the United States. On the evening of Oct. 27, the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Enrique’s Journey spoke to an audience of nearly 500 students about the … Continue reading ‘Enrique’s Journey’ author speaks on immigration issues