Love Your Melon sells Apparel for a Great Cause

Maggie Smith, Staff Writer College students have a lot on their plates from classes and meetings to internships and jobs, therefore time management is an essential skill. Any college student will attest to how stressful their busy and hectic schedules can be. However, college students across the country are willing to add more to their plates and... Continue Reading →

Wegmans comes to North Carolina

Hope Rogers, Staff Writer The popular family-owned New York based grocery store, Wegmans, has made plans to open its first store in North Carolina. Despite the growing competition between grocery chains such as Publix and Whole Foods, in 2015, Wegmans was ranked the top grocery store in the country according to the Consumer Reports’ annual... Continue Reading →

We rate the Super Bowl commercials

The Business Journalism class was assigned to watch the Super Bowl commercials and review the best and the worst. Here are their ratings. Feel free to tell us whether you agree or disagree:  Summer File, staff writer  Best Thirty seconds and Colgate created an emotional, eye opening commercial. Dirty hands washing off fruit, older hands holding a... Continue Reading →

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